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Get Rid of Stains and Contaminants in Your Carpet

Carpet Cleaning in Richardson, Plano And Garland Texas

If your carpets are looking old and dirty or you're tired of tolerating stains and odors, you need a professional carpet cleaning service. We offer carpet cleaning services using Rug Doctor. We have our own unit that does an excellent job at a reasonable price. With this, we are able to rid your carpet of dirt, dust, odor, and most stains.

3 ways we make carpet cleaning easy for everyone

We offer extensive carpet cleaning services in Richardson, Plano, Dallas, Frisco and Garland, Texas. Our cleaners use Rug Doctor machines to get rid of dirt, dust, odors and stains from carpets. Local residents choose us for carpet cleaning because we:

  1. Offer carpet cleaning packages starting at $90 for three rooms
  2. Provide prorated services for halls, closets and other spaces
  3. Charge only $25 per room after the initial three-room service

All of our carpet cleaning rates include cleaning materials. If you'd like to start feeling and breathing better in your home, call Supermaids, Inc & Carpet Care in Richardson today.